Friday, September 14, 2012

E.L.F. Cosmetics Disney Villains Collection review!!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I FINALLY got my hands on the new Walgreens exclusive E.L.F. cosmetics Disney Villains Collection Palettes and I can't wait to share them with you!!!

The collection includes 3 palettes priced at $9.99 each and contain:

8 eyeshadows
2 lip and cheek color pencils
1 eyeshadow primer
1 liquid eyeliner
1 set of false eyelashes
1 lash adhesive
1 built in mirror

I'm going to break down each palette individually

Evil Queen "Devious Dramatic Eyes"

When you open the palette the first thing you see is a mirror. Each mirror had the villains initial beneath it and one of their famous quotes. 

On the right hand side of the palette are the products

The shadows are sectioned into daytime and night time looks which I absolutely adore. That leads me to the biggest surprise of all!
If you pull back the page with the mirror on it like it suggests you will find THESE:

Day and night tutorials!!!! The coolest part is the image of the villain is like a transparent overhead sheet that you can flip back and forth. I was totally not expecting that!!

Now onto the swatches!!!!

L-R: Liquid eyeliner in Black, Day lip and cheek pencil, Night lip and cheek pencil, 
Day Evil shadows: One Bite, Vanity, Narcissistic, Potion
Night Villain shadows: Fairest of the land, Majesty, Peddler's Cloak, Poison Apple

Maleficent "Sinister Smoky Eyes"

L-R: Liquid liner in Stardust, eye primer, day and night lip and cheek color pencils
Day Evil shadows: Spindle, Sceptre, Fog of Doom, Fauna
Night Villain shadows: Misfortune, Forest of Thorns, Deep Sleep, Diablo

Cruella DeVil "Evil Everyday Eyes"

L-R: Liquid liner in Black, Day and Night time lip and cheek colors
Day Evil Shadows: Puppy Love, Coat of Dreams, Cruelty, Sewage
Night Villain shadows: Spotted, Maniac, Little Beasts, Extinction

Overall I seriously cannot tell you guys how impressed I am with these palettes. The attention to detail alone is incredible and the personality of each villain is shown beautifully. 
The quality of the products are pretty great as well....the shadows are hit or miss with pigmentation, but I'm going to try them over my UD primer and hopefully that will work some magic. I plan on trying them out more over the next few days to see how well they actually perform and I'll get back to you guys with what I think ^.^

If your interested in getting these there is a Store Locator to find the Walgreens nearest to you that will be carrying it. They are limited edition and each location will only be receiving 3 of each palette so I wouldn't hesitate if you really want them. 


  1. I have been to all of the locations near me and none of them have these! I am disappointed. I really wanted to get at least one of them. I like the look of the maleficent one. Oh well. No luck for me!

    1. Hiya... Try looking in the Halloween section. They are displayed there and not in the cosmetics area. Good luck...

  2. These are so fun for Halloween! Thanks for showing!

    Followed, please follow back if you want :)

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